Most probably you arrived at this page because you are looking for professional and development, to grow as a leader, accelerate your career and have a bigger impact on your organisation and the people around you.

At Equore coaching, we are passionate about helping global leaders thrive, achieve high levels of performance, multiply your impact while finding meaning and fulfilment.

Success without fulfilment is the ultimate failure”. Tony Robbins

We believe that individuals willing to play a “bigger game” need a professional coach. Executive coaching is a valuable tool for mid & senior managers, directors, top talents,  CEO’s and business owners that want to achieve following results:

  • Build trust and nurture your relationships with your direct reports, peers and manager.
  • Better manage your time and delegate effectively.
  • Learn how to manage your stress and emotions
  • Be laser focused on your priorities and take massive action to achieve your goals.
  • Think strategically, boost your creativity and innovation.
  •  Define and understand your values, vision and career development.
  • Lead with intention and purpose.
  • Increase your motivation,  meaning and fulfilment
  • Clarity to foster decision making
  • High levels of engagement and enjoyment in day to day activities
  • Expand your impact inside and outside the organisation

We invite you to look at our one-on-one and group coaching programs. We are experienced in a variety of corporate settings, and understand the value of effective leadership, cultural sensitivity, and proper organisational development. You can rely on our integrity and ethical service.


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