Carolina Zorrilla

I am Certified Professional Coach and Accredited Coach by the International Coach Federation ICF. Moreover, I have an international business background with solid corporate experience in different industries across Europe, North and South America. I specialise in leadership development, change management and performance excellence. For more than a decade, I have coached senior managers in medium and large corporations across different industries in performance and leadership development. My coaching programs are offered in  English and Spanish.

My curiosity to understand business in different cultural context and perspectives led me to study international business in The Netherlands. Since then, I have traveled and worked in small, medium and large corporations in different industries across Europe, North and South America.

My experience in the corporate world has been amazing, and at the same time a wakening call to become a leadership coach. Companies invest a lot in putting the right structure and processes in place to become efficient, successful and competitive. At the same time, they struggle with continuous change and increasing pressure on their workforce leading to stress and disengagement combined with increased inertia, reducing creativity and authenticity.

Through my coaching approach, I offer mid-and top managers, senior executives and business owners a space for personal and professional development, to gain self-awareness and pause their busy schedule to enhance creative thinking, get energised and engaged with their key activities increasing results.

I believe that success lies in commitment, curiosity,  and continuous implementation within the highest levels of ethics and integrity, but above all enjoying what you do and being true to yourself. For me happiness, success and pretty much everything you put yourself up to is a choice. This is the way that I approach life and lies at the core of my practice.

I am Colombian, married and a mother of three children living abroad for over 15 years. I have experienced first hand the challenges of relocation, adaptation to different cultures and continuing my career overseas. My passion is to support leaders to be successful in all areas of their lives so that they enjoy what they do and step up by developing  people  within the organisation and their communities.

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