Our approach consists of three foundational pillars based on scientific research showing a strong correlation between self-awareness, authenticity and superior performance.

  • Mindset & Performance:  Strategies and implementation plan to scale your performance.  Great emphasis on your mindset to achieve sustainable results.
  • Self- Awareness & Authenticity: be aware of your natural talents,  find your own voice and determine your leadership style. Multiply impact within and outside the organisation.
  • Growth & Fulfilment:  Focus on continuous learning and growth. We encourage mindfulness, engagement and drive to improve job satisfaction and a meaningful career.

With our holistic approach we equip our clients with valuable tools and strategies where leaders learn to manage their emotions and overcome challenges from a resourceful state. It is our objective that through this process our clients expand their perspective, and boost their creativity and innovation.

At Equore we believe in the multiplying effect good leaders have on their teams, their families and their community. Therefore our clients learn how to better delegate, coach and bring the best potential of their team members to improve performance, implementation and results.


What to expect from coaching?

Expect to have the best months of your life with lots of achievements and great personal and professional growth in most areas of your life. However, there is no free lunch!! Expect to work hard, be challenged and go outside your comfort zone.


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