The power of your mindset.

On the first day at the Tony Robbins’ event “Unleash your Power within” you have the opportunity to walk on fire. Walking on fire was definitely not something I had on my list of things to experience. I was afraid and almost freaking out!
At the entrance of the event, you could see a huge fire. You can see it in the picture below. I could not believe we were going to walk on that! It was not that fire, but it was there for us to start visualizing what was coming.  At the same time, we used it to burn our fears. I wrote down on a piece of paper all my fears and concerns and burned them.  It was so liberating to see them vanished!


We dedicated the afternoon of the event to prepare our mindset. It was intense! We were jumping, and repeating and rehearsing in our mind what we were supposed to do.
The first and most important thing is to put your self in peak state! What is that? It is the state in which you are feeling amazing, powerful, determined, unstoppable. When you feel empowered and capable of doing anything!. Putting yourself in peak state has three components :

1. Physiology

The physical reaction of your body. It can be the posture, breathing and movement. Your physiology determines how you feel. For example: when you feel stressed, your posture tends to be contracted. Your body tends to be slightly or very curved, your head is down, and your breath is shallow. Some people even feel discomfort in their back or stomach. The more aware you are of your physiology and the emotions you are experiencing the more you can change it. In a peak state, your head tends to be up, your shoulders expanded and you breath deeply.  At Tony’s events, we focus on our physiology by making our “move”. That is a personal powerful move that engages all our body and makes us feel great. We make that move and repeat the word YES!
Remember that using your physiology is the most powerful and quickest way to change how you feel. You can do so by moving your body, expanding your shoulders or breathing deeply.

2. Focus

Your focus is what you put your attention to.  In this specific experience of walking on fire, if you focus on your fear, you will experience more fear. If you focus on the heat, you will burn. If you focus on passing by and looking towards the end and not on what is on the floor you will make it! This applies to whatever situation you are facing. If you give too much attention to the problem, you will see it bigger. If you put attention to the solution, you will be able to find ways to make that happen.

3. Language

The words you use are powerful. If you use fearful or discouraging words your physiology will change. In this case, we used the word YES! We also used the words COOL MOSS, over and over while walking on fire. These words will give the signal to your brain that you are walking on cool moss and not on burning coals. Be aware of the language you use when communicating with people as well as in your internal dialogue. Consciously choose to use empowering language.


Overall I think it was a great experience! It was different, challenging, and at the same time, a reminder on how important is your mindset to achieve what you want. Also, how powerful your physiology is to change your state.  I was amazed that I did not burn! I felt great, accomplished and on fire :).


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